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Free video calls application for Android

Featured: Top 10 Best Video Calling apps on Android  June 22, 2023 – 08:55 am

Top-10-Best-Video-Call-Apps-AH-1Video calling has become a pretty big part of our lives now. We’ve got Hangouts from Google, Facetime from Apple and Skype from Microsoft, which make up the big three smartphone OS. But what other services are out there? Because there are a ton. And there’s a ton that have also disappeared, like Qik for instance, which was huge in the HTC EVO 4G era back in 2010. With most smartphones having decent front-facing cameras, how many of you do video calls regularly?

Video Chat by Friendcaller

Here’s another app that most of you probably haven’t heard of. Video Chat by Friendcaller is a video calling app that also allows you to send multimedia messages, it works cross platform, you can video chat with up to 7 people, send texts and instant messaging as well. All of this for free. What more could you ask for?

Screenshot 2014-12-02 11.08.19Camfrog

Camfrog is an app that I’ve honestly never heard of before. But it works as it was intended and is a great alternative. Camfrog allows you to join thousands of chat rooms to video chat with others from all over the world. It works on Android, iOS Mac and PC. So it’s a great app that’s truly cross-platform.

Paltalk Video Chat

Paltalk is a great video calling app as well. It’s completely free and there’s an ad-free version that’s just $0.99. You can easily make new friends fast with Paltalk, find over 5, 000 chat rooms. You can make video calls with Paltalk over 3G, 4G, or WiFi.

Yahoo Messenger Plug In

Screenshot 2014-12-02 11.08.27This app is simply a plugin for the Yahoo Messenger app, which allows you to do free video and voice calls. It works with Android 2.2 and above. It’s just that simple. So you’ll need to have the Yahoo Messenger app installed to use this plug in as well.


Fring is an app that has also been around for quite a while. It allows you to place free calls, group calls, texting video calls, group video calls and much more. Fring is cross-platform as well. Not just iOS and Andoid but also Symbian, yes Symbian. It’s all completely free.


ooVoo is the video calling service that all the kids are using. It’s a pretty adequate alternative to Skype. It allows you to do group video calls or 1-on-1 video calls. You can have up to 8 people in a video call as well. ooVoo is cross platform and available on Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone. Not too bad ooVoo.

Screenshot 2014-12-02 11.11.33Tango

Tango is a great video calling app. It allows you to automatically find your friends using Tango. Place calls and send messages quickly. It works on tablets and smartphones. It’s also available to be used over 3G, 4G and WiFi networks. You can also personalize your profile with status updates and photos. You can also group chat with up to 50 friends at once. That might get a little hard to understand what everyone’s saying.


We all know and love or hate Skype. Skype is now owned by Microsoft, so they recently redesigned their Android app and it’s a bit more Metro UI which you’ll find on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. But you can still place voice and video calls from it to anyone in the world from your smartphone or tablet. It’s a great app to use.

Screenshot 2014-12-02 11.08.35 Screenshot 2014-12-02 11.08.43 Screenshot 2014-12-02 11.08.50 Screenshot 2014-12-02 11.08.57

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Kreeratiyarot Chaichompoo Video calling Text & Voice
Mobile Application (Kreeratiyarot Chaichompoo)
  • FREE calls AND MESSAGING: In videochat facetime , everything is free.
  • ◆ App uses Internet connection: 3G calling or Wi-Fi For wifi calling when technology over 4G, 3G, LTE and WiFi without increasing data consumption.
  • ◆ FILE TRANSFER: Send Images to your friends and contacts.
  • ◆ PRIVATE / GROUP CHAT: Enjoy private and group conversations with your contacts.
  • ◆ FACEBOOK REGISTRATION: Use simple FB registration to fill in your profile and register account.
  • ◆ FRIENDS IMPORT: video calling free will automatically connect you with your phone and Facebook contacts, who already use video calling free. So there is no need...
  • ◆ OFFLINE calls AND MESSAGES: Push notifications will inform you about missed chat messages and calls even, if you are offline. Don t worry, video calling free will...
  • ◆ IM MESSAGES STATUSES: Send, read, now typing.
  • ◆ fewer dropped calls - our video technology automatically detects and adjusts for connection speed, which means less dropped calls on the same connection than other...

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