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Buy Nighthold Boost

 January 24, 2024 – 02:31 pm

Good news for players all around the world! The Nighthold WoW is releasing a new raid dungeon which you can buy already in January. It is the extension for the previous raid Emerald Nightmare, so you don` need to scary of the unknown rules. Just a brief look is enough for you to know that you really need to buy nighthold boost, since it satisfies all the player`s requirements and expectations.

First of all, it contains a large number of very interesting updates: it includes Legion raid mount, has another Tier tokens, more balanced Blizzard and even another Tier tokens. So, if you have no guild, the new Nighthold boost can surely become the only thing you need to continue progressing. LFG groups are not so inviting now, aren`t they?

Let us now compare two raids, the Emerald Nightmare and the Nighthold, to see more precisely what have been changed in the new raid. First of all, The Nighthold has more unknown names and more new bosses. There are only three familiar names, by the way: the Grand Magistrix Elisande (we hope, you remember her, although she appeared not so long time ago), the Dread Lord Commander Tichondrius (yep, Illidan killed him in the Third War, but he came back and became even more powerful),and Lord of the Shadow Council Gul’Dan. But you are for sure waiting for new names. Here they are: the mystical mage Star Augur Etraeus, the very powerful magic apprentice Spellblade Aluriel, the mighty Trillax, the strong boss High Botanist Tel’arn, the embodiment of th eancient mana Chronomatic Anomaly, the giant doom lord Krosus (which actually is very similar to Kologarn), the mana scorpid Skorpyron. That`s very impressive list, isn`t it? And if you look at the items of The Nighthold WoW boosting, you will be shocked even more. During the last raids you couldn`t get any tokens of Tier 19, that is why it was very difficult to find a balance in a gear. In comparison to it, the Nighthold stats are much better. The item increased a lot and now the characteristic of Normal difficulty, Heroic difficulty and Mythic difficulty are bigger than previously. It`s very easy to upgrade your character now. Just come and buy a newNighthold boost!

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