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GTA San Andreas remastered PS3

GTA Online Update: San Andreas Weekend Could Mean Remastered Anniversary Edition Is Coming Soon  May 1, 2023 – 11:23 am

Rockstar just announced on its Newswire that this upcoming weekend will see special Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in-game bonuses. Specifically, there will be Double XP and Double GTA$, clothes, contests, and more.

First off, Rockstar has curated a list of fan-made missions, and created the San Andreas Throwback Jobs playlist. When players go to tackle these missions over this coming weekend, they will have the opportunity to earn Double XP and Double GTA$. To find these missions, simply launch GTA V and hit the "Featured Playlist" button on the launch screens, or access it via the "Playlists" section of the GTA Online Start Menu.

Rockstar's San Andreas Weekend Plans Rockstar's San Andreas Weekend Plans Rockstar

There will also be four exclusive T-shirts coming to stores. Each one of these shirts will honor a classic radio station from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The specific stations are Bounce FM, K-DST, K-JAH and K-Rose. If those shirts aren't for you, all other green clothing, bandanas, BMX bikes, and vehicle suspension mods will also be on sale. If you do look back fondly at the music from those classic stations, Rockstar has compiled playlists (for either iTunes or Spotify) of all music featured on each station. Give them a listen right here.

There will also be a Snapmatic competition this weekend. "Whether it's repping outside the Cluckin' Bell in Davis or catching some air off Mount Chiliad, capture your San Andreas homages in a Snapmatic shot this weekend and you could win a retro prize pack courtesy of Rockstar Games, " states Rockstar's site. There are five prize packs up for grabs, with each one featuring a San Andreas themed Basketball, Bandana, special 10th Anniversary tees, Playing Cards & Poker Chips, the Kubrick Box Set, and stickers. To enter, simply upload any Snapmatic shots you take to the Rockstar Social Club, and be sure to tag them with #GTASanAndreas.

All of this news of Rockstar celebrating and honoring Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming the day after other big news about the classic GTA game that was originally released 10 years ago on the PS2. It would seem that a list of achievements was leaked for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the Xbox 360. What does that mean? It seems that we will be seeing a Remastered version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas coming to not only the Xbox 360, but also the PS3 and PC. Let's look at some further proof to this claim.

While it has been possible for a while now to purchase GTA: San Andreas from the Xbox Live Marketplace, the version offered was the "Xbox Originals" version. This offered San Andreas as it was in its original release on the first Xbox, with no graphical updates or gameplay tweaks. The PlayStation Network saw a similar release with the "PS2 Classics" version offered on its store. Reports from users on the video game forum NeoGAF seem to show that both of those versions have been pulled from their respective stores, and are now no longer available for purchase. Reports from users also show evidence of a beta test for PC users on Steam.

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