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PS3 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
[December 16, 2022 – 10:10 am]
PS3 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit is a Need for Speed game in name only. This blisteringly fast racer has more in common with developer Criterion Games own Burnout series than it does with any previous Need for Speed offering, despite lacking a number of features that are commonly associated with Burnout games. This isn t a game in which you re rewarded for crashing spectacularly or for jumping through billboards, but it is a game that encourages you to drive dangerously and to take down your opponents by any means necessary. The option to play both as illegal racers and as the cops that are chasing…

Need for Speed Run Cheats PS3
[November 30, 2022 – 02:52 am]
Need for Speed Run Cheats PS3

System: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, 3DS Dev: Black Box Pub: Electronic Arts Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p The Need Is Strong With This One by Matt Walker I have to admit that I m not what you d call a car game connoisseur. I do like fast cars, but I don t get into all of the engine horsepower, calibers, or any of that other gearhead mumbo-jumbo. While I do love simulation racers, I find myself more inclined to want the raw speed and action of an arcade-style racing game. Sure, the sims are all about authenticity, but if you can feel like you re driving 150+ miles an hour in a game…

Computer game Need for Speed free Download
[September 2, 2022 – 04:39 am]
Computer game Need for Speed free Download

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