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SecureZIP for Mac | securezip  January 16, 2023 – 11:44 am

Expanding encryption and compression capabilities to Apple devices and users, SecureZIP is now available for Mac OS X. This Smart Encryption software combines the world’s most interoperable data compression format with strong encryption to deliver a data-centric security solution for Mac users. SecureZIP is the long-trusted security and compression solution from PKWARE, and an integral element of the Smart Encryption Platform already protecting information on mainframes, servers, PCs, laptops and other mobile devices. Now, Mac users can harness SecureZIP to address daily data security challenges, such as protecting sensitive intellectual property, meeting compliance requirements and reducing overall costs and operational overhead. Move files between enterprise drives, your Mac, your phone, or the cloud quickly, efficiently and confidently — knowing your sensitive data is protected with enterprise-grade security. Zip and unzip files instantly with no disruption to your workflow. SecureZIP for Mac is delivered as a .DMG file. Supported versions of Apple Mac OS X include Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10), and higher

SecureZIP for Mac features

  • Zip and unzip compressed files from any ZIP-compatible application or platform.
  • Protect files with AES 256-bit, passphrase-based encryption.
  • Simple operation works from menus, Finder or Desktop.
  • Open zipped email attachments, or attach to send.
  • Decrypt sensitive files from anyone.
  • Uses FIPS 140-2 validated encryption libraries to satisfy government secure sharing requirements.
  • Open TAR, BZIP2, RAR, GZIP, LZH, 7z, ARJ.Z, BinHex and UU/XXencoded archive formats.
  • Extend security to mobile devices.
  • Decrypts files with passphrase, digital certificate (PKI), or both.
  • Portability for ZIP files across all major enterprise computing platforms.
  • Compress and encrypt large files.
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Simple and secure encrypted messages and files. [Download]
Digital Software ()
  • Encrypted messages, group chats, file sharing, and cloud storage
  • Mobile and desktop support (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome)
  • Large file uploads (up to 400MB)
  • Ad-free, forever
  • 1 GB of free cloud storage. (Up to 10GB free with referrals)

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Integral Integral Titan 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive with 256-Bit Encryption Software
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  • avatar What is the purpose of Encryption Software?
    • The encryption software's is a great helper to
      protect your data and making your files and folders confidential.
      If you are professional employed and want to hide some specified
      files from your competitors or any other people then you must
      utilized the encryption software and create a password on every
      specified file.

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