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Xbox 360 to Xbox One games upgrade

PS4 and Xbox One: How to upgrade your PS3 and Xbox 360 games cheaply  September 29, 2022 – 12:41 pm

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All of the notable third-party video games are coming out on just about every platform this holiday season. Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, and Battlefield are all coming out on the current crop of consoles, but they’ll also see separate releases on the PS4 and Xbox One. That leaves us with a burning question: Do we play these games at launch, or wait for the next-gen release? Turns out, we can do both. To help ease the transition, these four titles can easily be upgraded from the PS3 to the PS4 version for a nominal fee. The situation for Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers, however, is nowhere near as simple, with most titles lacking an easy upgrade path.

Recently, Sony released the details about the “PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 Digital Upgrade Program” on the PlayStation website. If you purchase any of the supported games, either on-disc or digitally, you are eligible for a deeply discounted price for the PS4 digital version of those titles. Simply follow a few steps, and you’ll have access to both versions. Considering how turbulent console launches can be, this is an extremely clever way of boosting software sales on the aging platforms. Undoubtedly, developers and consumers alike will benefit from this upgrade program. It gives a big incentive not to trade back the original disc, and gamers will get to compare both versions head-to-head.

The Xbox One isn’t quite in the same position, though. Microsoft hasn’t come out with a straightforward plan like Sony has, but the Xbox One will benefit from the Call of Duty: Ghosts upgrade alongside the PS4. If you purchase a copy on the Xbox 360, you can upgrade to the Xbox One version for .99. Even better, your profile, stats, and season pass transfer to the new console seamlessly. You can play on either version of the game, and everything remains persistent. If everything works as advertised, this will make the generational shift much easier.

Call of DutyStill feeling left out on the Xbox 360? Buck up, GameStop has got you covered. If you’re a member of the PowerUp Rewards program, you can trade in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag for $50 worth of in-store credit. It’s not quite as slick as Sony’s setup, but that is much better than what GameStop usually offers for trade-ins. If you don’t plan on playing on your Xbox 360 after the next-gen launch, this is a completely acceptable upgrade path.


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  • avatar How to upgrade from Xbox 360 to xbox one games? | Yahoo Answers
    • You can only if you bought the game from a participating retailer. You bring the game back to them WITH RECEIPT and pay 10$ for the Xbox One version.

  • avatar How could one upgrade the memory capacity for the Xbox 360?
    • One can upgrade the memory capacity of their xbox 360 buy purchasing the xbox 360 250gb hard drive from a store like amazon. Alternatively one could use a USB flash drive as extra storage.

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