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Developing audio apps for Android Auto  April 28, 2023 – 06:37 am

Custom playback controls on NPR One and iHeartRadio.

The first thing to understand about developing audio apps on Auto is that you don’t draw your user interface directly. Instead, the framework has two well-defined UIs (one for playback, one for browsing) that are created automatically. This ensures consistent behavior across audio apps for drivers, and frees you from dealing with any car specific functionalities or layouts. Although the layout is predefined, you can customize it with artwork, color themes, and custom controls.

Both NPR One and iHeartRadio customize their UI. NPR One adds controls to mark a story as interesting, to view a list of upcoming stories, and to skip to the next story. iHeartRadio adds controls to favorite stations and to like songs. Both apps store user preferences across form factors.

Because the UI is drawn by the framework, playback commands need to be relayed to your app. This is accomplished with the callback, which has methods like onPlay and onPause. All car specific functionality is handled behind the scenes. For example, you don’t need to be aware if a command came from the touch screen, the steering wheel buttons, or the user’s voice.

Browsing and recommendations

Browsing content on NPR One and iHeartRadio.

The browsing UI is likewise drawn by the framework. You implement the to share your content hierarchy with the framework. A content hierarchy is a collection of that are either playable (e.g., a song, audio book, or radio station) or browsable (e.g., a favorites folder). Together, these form a tree used to display a browsable menu of your content.

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