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Wonderful spending of your time

 December 9, 2017 – 04:46 pm

Are you tired of grey and dull reality? Do you want to do with something catching and fast-paced? Then it’s time to leave your daily routine behind and play Bubble shooter- the sort of famous game among all the ages. Get ready for excellent spending of your time! This colorful game will absorb all your bad mood and give you joyful amusement.

There are lots of various versions: bubble blobs, bubble spinner, bubble hit - so you may choose any you like. Before playing you can watch a video instruction and get some hints and advices. More than 50 levels are waiting for you. The games are always replenished with updates.

Excellent graphics and well-drawn details are already creating a good impression. It is free and do not demand any signup. There are no intricate rules here. They are absolutely simple: make combinations of 3 bubbles and make them vanish. Time limit is not specified. You can use the borders in your advantage, your bubbles can bounce off them to reach difficult spots.

Make combination of bubbles that are hanging of rows that you pop, they will disappear too. You need to break a lot of bubbles to earn more points. But if they reach the ground, you’ll lose, so try not to waste your energy here. The game is over when you pop all the bubbles, choosing the direction of moving. Watch more games on bubble shooter website. Just browse to it using the top categories or the left sidebar. When new bubble shooter games are found they are added to the website.

Check out bubbles extreme or puzzle bobble, these 2 classics are great for everyone. Bubbles extreme is an extreme version of bubble shooter and puzzle bobble is the original version, it's a one on one copy of the original game. Get bonuses and score your points. Pop those bubbles in your browser! Play it here and now!

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