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PS4 Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 isn’t dead yet  January 18, 2023 – 12:04 pm

lightsIn 2003, BioWare delivered the RPG game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - they may release another online epic in the next couple of years. DICE is set to release Star Wars Battlefront near the end of 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Visceral Games (and EA Games) recently announced that Amy Hennig would be heading up story writing for their Star Wars title. She'll be joined by fellow writer Todd Stashwick. Both Hennig and Stashwick worked on Uncharted 4, amongst other similar titles.

As you'll see in the video below, Uncharted 4 and the primary trailer for Star Wars 1313 show games that are very similar to one another. While the games have been built on different engines, it makes sense to have Stashwick and Hennig work on a game that looks and feels this similar to Uncharted.

aintdeadyetIt makes a lot more sense than bringing them onboard at Visceral with a title that's nothing like Uncharted, that's for certain.

"Naturally, as any company that goes through a big announcement like this, you have to look through your whole portfolio and realign some things, " said the LucasFilm representative.

"1313 was looking fantastic, the reception has been great. Our other unannounced titles are fine, it just got to a point where from a business standpoint we couldn't continue developing those internally and keep up with the direction that the company was going."

The words "realign" and "fine" should give you hope if you're crossing fingers for its continued development.

Star Wars 1313 isn’t dead yetWhen asked specifically about Star Wars 1313, Lucasfilm PR said this:

"They're evaluating everything. There's always a possibility that it [Star Wars 1313] can still come out via licensing."

Will Star Wars 1313 be released with the title it was originally given? Almost certainly not.

Back in December of 2013, the United States Patent and Trademark Office released a notification that Disney had failed to file for a statement of use or an extension of time for said trademark. The application for this trademark was made by David J Anderman on the 1st of May, 2012, and it was marked as abandoned in December of 2013.

Instead it'd make far more sense for this game to be a follow-up to the first in a trilogy of new Star Wars films, The Force Awakens. Given Disney and Lucasfilm's new excitement in expanding the Star Wars universe with titles like Star Wars Rebels and secondary films like Star Wars Rogue One, we wouldn't be surprised if this game was still set on Coruscant as originally intended, with all new characters we've never seen before.

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