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RPG 'Armello' Set to Launch on PS4 (VIDEO)  December 26, 2022 – 10:16 am


"Armello" strategy-based digital role-playing board game. Facebook image. Jan. 23, 2015.

Strategy-based digital RPG, "Armello" has been set to launch on PS4 by the first of September, the game's developer League of Geeks recently announced.

Independent Australian game developer League of Geeks has set the PlayStation 4 launch of their digital board game "Armello" for Sept. 1 after a successful KickStarter campaign funded its port to Steam.

The game's final build will incorporate strategy and role playing elements, and mixes board and card game mechanics. It will feature anthropomorphic animal characters, with players taking on the role of "Hero" from their choice among four animal clans: Wolf, Bear, Rat or Rabbit.

The "Armello" board-based map has been created out of hexagonal 3D tiles, and League of Geeks has provided colorful visuals of cartoon-style art with significant back-stories for each clan and character.

The fantasy-style tabletop digital board game centers on the four animal clans fighting for supremacy with the goal to claim the throne of "Armello" after the king succumbs to insanity from the spreading Rot plague.

The game is also scheduled to launch on Windows, Mac and Linux on the same date with two new playable characters made available in the final build: strong defense Barnaby from the Rabbit Clan, and stealthy Zosha from the Rat Clan.

Zosha, called the Whisper, carries on missions under the cover of darkness, going into Stealth mode whenever the sun sets. She can outmaneuver enemies by sneaking up on them and disabling them with a strong Fight mode.

Barnaby, the Screwloose, is a tinkerer with a multiple-item inventory he uses for swapping, and is an adaptable character ideal for multiple strategies. He possesses his own hand-hewn body armor and a respectable Fight mode.

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