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War of the Monsters PS2

War of the Monsters (game)  July 29, 2023 – 05:00 am

WOTM pack shotWar of the Monsters is a 3D fighting game for the PlayStation 2 developed by Incognito Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released on January 14, 2003 in North America and April 17, 2003 in Europe. It was later released in Japan on March 25, 2004.

PAL box art

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The game is set in the aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth where their hazardous fuels have spawned giant monsters that battle one another in city environments. The game pays homage to Kaiju and 1950s Science fiction films.

Each level of the game features a fictional movie poster that includes the game's monsters.

The plot is set in the 1950s where a fleet of alien saucer warships invade the Earth, causing massive damage. The scientists of the world's nations manage to create a series of secret weapons, which, when activated, let loose shock waves that short-circuit the saucers and cause them to crash. Unfortunately, each flying saucer is fueled by a green radioactive liquid, which leaks out from destroyed crafts as they crash. Through this, the fuel infects creatures, humans, and robots, creating a war between the monsters. The player acts as one of these monsters and battles against the rest in fictional cities across the globe and the remaining UFOs.

The story mode of the game starts out in Midtown Park where a giant gorilla called Congar defeats a wave of military forces but is fought and defeated by the lead monster.
In Gambler's Gulch, the lead monster also defeats the reptilian beast, Togera. After Togera's defeat, a military class mech called Robo-47 and the military show up and attack the lead monster but are defeated as well.
At a military base at Rosedale Canyon, the lead monster is confronted by a horde of irradiated giant ants and a mega robot, Goliath Prime. Prime and the ants are all defeated.
In Metro City, the military decide to test their new weapon, Mecha-Congar, on the giant mantis Preytor, who was attacking the city.7 Battle for Atomic Island Before they could fight the lead monster appears and defeats them both.
The lead monster then travels to Century Airfield and defeats twin Raptros dragons.
Then, at the Atomic Island power plant, the lead monster defeats a swarm of Kineticlops, living electrical monsters, by causing a nuclear meltdown. In the resulting ruins, the lead monster must battle a large, three headed plant creature called Vegon.
Two Robo-47s stop a UFO attack in scenic Bay Town and then try to slay the lead monster. Both are repelled and beaten.
In the Pacific island of Club Caldera, the rock monsters Magmo and Agamo fight each other with the lead monster caught in the middle. Both are beaten.
After defeating two Ultra V robots at "Tsunopolis", the lead monster is abducted by a UFO that takes it back to the mothership. There the lead monster has to fend off three Zorgulons before being abducted once more when the mothership explodes, causing the UFO to crash into the North American city of Capitol. There, the alien leader Cerebulon attacks in a multi-layered tripod battle suit. After Cerebulon is defeated, the lead monster victor watches as the true Cerebulon, a small timid insect like creature, flees.

Monsters battle in a city environment.

In War of the Monsters, players take the roles of large monsters in city environments. The game plays as a fighting game yet works differently than the traditional one-on-one structured rounds. Instead, fights can include up to 4 players in a four-way simultaneous fighting structure. The camera is in third person perspective, allowing the player to focus solely on their character.

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Playstation 2 War of the Monsters
Video Games (Playstation 2)
  • After humanity turned back an alien invasion, a strange green ooze leaked from crashed spaceships into the environment. From that ooze grew a set of gigantic monsters...
  • Choose to play as any of 10 different monsters, from the robotic Ultra V to Preytor, the tremendous praying mantis
  • Learn your combos and special moves and use them against the other monsters, as you demolish human cities
  • The victorious monsters will get to test themselves against massive, deadly bosses for even more chaos and destruction
  • Use the environment as a weapon -- hurl radio towers like javelins, or knock over buildings to bury your opponents

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