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New Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Trailer – PlayStation.Blog  April 1, 2023 – 08:35 pm

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Ok yes the heist trailer is here… They’re coming… But did no one else start to go nuts when the hydra plane was shown takin off or the apache helicopter was shown, what about the mounted machine gun ontop of the Mesa Maryweather jeep? Anyone else also notice the flare gun? And did anyone else notice that the online players had voices(although probably just simulating status players will say) but still, everyone’s hyped about heists but didn’t notice these details… Even the players wearing the police outfit, so my question is what all do we get to use outside of these missions, will though cop role ayers finally live their dream of getting police uniforms on online free roam or just in the cops and crooks missions… Can’t wait for this title update soo much in store soo much to speculate. Let the true waiting game begin.

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Hahahahahaha coming soon, they have been coming soon for a year now and would any one like to place a bet to if they will even work when they are released. This game will be dead by the time they are out and I would say this game is only still alive due to next gen release. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem waiting for new releases its just the continued mention of the heist with no specific details that bugs me, stop winding people up with videos and details when your still a year away from release. All in all I guess this is something to look forward to for 2016.

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Let me join Rockstar in laughing at some noobs…sorry, gotta do it LOL!

LOL @ #12 and #14 – look at the trailer and LISTEN, the jokes are on you ;)

“I know you’ve been complaining, but you weren’t ready!” :P

This is why I love GTA – Rockstar TAKES THEIR TIME when releasing a game. THAT is why GTA V is the HIGHEST rated PS3 game, and THAT is why GTA V is THE highest rated PS4 game. Nuff said…

But of course, as always, I’ll say some more :P People “complaining” about GTA Heists maybe should look at the MASSIVE game that Rockstar gave them, not to mention the AMAZING creator tools AND the 11+ FREE DLC packs. I could go on, but I’m done laughing at people who complain when content is delayed to ensure the QUALITY of it. Rockstar is not Activision / EA / Ubisoft… they dont release the same **** every year – they take their time and release ART. Now I’m done. :P

Can’t wait for the heists…but I will. PLENTY to do in GTA Online in the meantime – for anyone with friends and with an imagination thanks to the AWESOME world+creator mode.

@7, Rockstar are like Hideo Kojima, you don’t ask THEM when the release date is… they ask you ;) It’s all fun and “games”, is it not? :P When their products release – they are quality. What more do you need? Has Rockstar EVER let fans down with a game? Nope, not the real fans who don’t complain about the SMALL stuff. Look at the BIG picture and you’ll yet again see one of the best games+pieces of art ever made.

Oh, and try clicking on the link like the blog post tells you to do if you want more information on when the heists are coming – but again, you’re probably not ready.. ;)


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