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[VIDEO] Tales of Zestiria on PS4 and PC Digital!  April 28, 2023 – 06:38 am


You totally didn’t see that one coming 😉 We’re incredibly excited to officially announce that Tales of Zestiria will come out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC Digital! The team has been hard at work on bringing the first ever ‘Tales of’ game to PC and PS4, and we’re looking forward to launching them alongside the previously announced PS3 version.

Look forward to the PS3 and PS4 release on the 16th of October and the PC Digital will release on the 20th, with English, Spanish, French, Italian and German subtitles, and English & Japanese voice overs. The PC and PS4 versions will also include, for the first time ever, Russian subtitles! We hope our Russian fans will look forward to this new addition

We’re incredibly excited to welcome to the official Tales of Blog! Be the first to discover the latest info on the Tales series and interact with the rest of the community. From announcements to trailers, Cosplay, Events and giveaways, A New Journey Begins!

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