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World Cup 2014 game Xbox One

2014 World Cup arrives on Xbox One with Destination Brazil  April 20, 2023 – 07:57 am

Destination-brazil-match-details_1920Microsoft wants to make the Xbox One your go-to platform for experiencing the 2014 World Cup, whether you're watching the matches or highlights from them, playing video game soccer or following real-life soccer stories.

The company is tackling that mission with a multi-pronged effort presented in a new hub, Destination Brazil. Arriving June 12 on the Xbox One dashboard, just in time for kickoff, Destination Brazil will be led by an app called Brazil Now that augments the experience of watching World Cup games on TV. The hub will also feature Every Street United, a new reality TV series that's part of Microsoft's slate of Xbox Originals programming. And Microsoft has built other partnerships for Destination Brazil as well. EA Sports' and its World Cup content for FIFA Ultimate Team are highlighted in the hub, along with video content from Copa90, a leading soccer-focused YouTube channel.

"What we're trying to really accomplish is a single destination that brings you the best way to experience these experiences with football — football or soccer, depending on the market you're in, " said Matthew Reid, senior product marketing manager at Microsoft for Xbox sports experiences, in a phone interview with Polygon last week.

Similar to the NFL on Xbox app that launched with the Xbox One last fall, Brazil Now is designed to interface with the act of watching cable TV on the console through its HDMI pass-through functionality. With the Xbox One's Snap feature, Brazil Now appears alongside the live TV experience, providing real-time statistics and photos while you're watching a World Cup contest. You can customize the app to your country of choice to get information about the team's schedule, roster and more. And as in the Xbox 360's Election 2012 hub, Brazil Now users can participate in live polls during matches, answering questions like "which team do you think will win?" Partaking in the polls gives users cards that unlock team photos, and there's a leaderboard in the app for progress toward all 96 cards.

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  • avatar How does one get a job working at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?
    • World Cup tournaments are hosted and organized by the national football federation, with little involvement by FIFA and even less by other countries' federations (e.g, UEFA).
      The Brazilian Football Federation will use its organization first, and local businesses second. 
      Your potential value as an employee of foreign origin will depend on expertise and language abilities.  Don't forget to take care of visa and work permit issues.
      I would assume that people from around the world have already begun to move to Brazil to position themselves for employment, and Brazilian authorities are alread…

  • avatar How much are the tickets for the world cup 2014 game? | Yahoo Answers
    • Ok so I want to go to the game :) I'm gonna be 17 or so by then :) yippee so I want to go tO the game that Lionel messi will be playing in :) how much is it for the front row like the first 20 rows and how much is it for the other seats? And does llionel play in the olympics thnx no mean comments plz :)

  • avatar What time will the 2014 world cup games be played? | Yahoo Answers
    • On October 20, 2011 the FIFA Executive Committee confirmed the following kickoff times that were initially proposed by the Brazilian World Cup Organizing Committee:
      (All times listed are Brasilia local time)
      Opening match: 17.00
      Group stage matches: 13.00, 16.00, 19.00, 22.00
      Round of 16 / Quarterfinals: 13.00, 17.00
      Semifinals: 17.00
      Match for 3rd place: 17.00
      Final: 16.00
      For North American Eastern Time Zone, simply subtract one hour from above listed times.

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