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Firewall Builder  September 9, 2022 – 11:20 am

This short guide provides the basic information new users need to save time when first learning to use the Firewall Builder application. The complete Firewall Builder Users Guide can be found here.

Key Concepts

  • Objects. Firewall Builder is based on the concept of objects. Users create objects like IP networks and IP addresses to represent items that will be used in firewall rules.
  • Libraries. Objects are stored in libraries. By default Firewall Builder comes with two object libraries. The library called User is used to store objects that the user creates. The read-only library called Standard contains hundreds of predefined objects like common TCP and UDP services.
  • Compile. After you create a Policy with firewall rules in Firewall Builder you need to compile the Policy. Compiling converts your rules from the Firewall Builder syntax to the command syntax used by the target firewall platform. Any time you change the rules of a firewall you need to recompile the ruleset.

GUI Layout

The Firewall Builder application is comprised of three primary panels shown in the screenshot below.

  • Object Panel. Objects in the active Library are displayed in an object tree in the Object Panel. Empty folders are defined for all possible object types that a user can create in the User library.
  • Rules Panel. When a Policy object is opened for editing it is displayed in the Rules Panel. Clicking on the '+' button at the top of the panel creates a new rule.
  • Editor Panel. Double-clicking on objects opens them for editing in the Editor Panel. Changes to object attribute fields take effect immediately.

Panels open dynamically based on what activity the user is performing. For example, double-clicking an object to edit it will open the Editor Panel if it is not already open.

Creating a New Firewall

To create a new firewall object, click on the Create New Firewall shortcut in the center of the screen. This will launch a wizard that walks you through configuring the firewall.

  • Platform. Choose the type of firewall you are creating. For example, if you want to create a firewall on a Linux webserver, select "iptables" as the firewall software.
  • Templates. Firewall Builder comes with predefined templates for common firewall deployments. To use these templates select the "Use preconfigured firewall templates".
  • Interface names. When you create a new firewall make sure the interface names are exactly the same name as the interface on the device. If these don't match Firewall Builder won't be able to install the rules on the device. For example, if you are creating a iptables firewall on Linux the interface names should be eth0, eth1, etc.

Hint: You can also create a new firewall by clicking on the New Object icon at the top of the Object Panel and selecting New Firewall.

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